Why your Baby or Toddler Wakes up Early and What to do About it.

Why your Baby or Toddler Wakes up Early and What to do About it.

Is your baby or toddler an early bird? Not only are chronic early morning wakings frustrating and exhausting for parents, but if your baby is regularly waking before 6:00 AM and getting fewer than 11 hours of overnight sleep, he is likely missing out on a valuable hour of deep, restorative sleep! …

☀️Happy Friday!!☀️ We hope you all have a fantastic and memorable Canada Day long weekend! ☀️🌸🌈

We will be closed from Saturday July 1st to Monday July 3rd. We will be back on Tuesday July 4th!

Enjoy the sunshine and stay cool! ☀️🏖️😎

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⭐️ Full-Time Nanny Job - West Vancouver! ⭐️

▪️Location: Near Dundarave Beach
▪️Children: 17mo old and 5yo
▪️Schedule: Monday - Friday from 8am-4pm
▪️Rate: $27 - $35 per hour
▪️Childcare Focused


✔️Extended Healthcare Insurance
✔️Paid Time Off (Guaranteed Hours)
✔️Easily Accessible by transit


▪️ Minimum 2 years of childcare work experience
▪️ 2-3 Childcare references
▪️Class 5 Driver License
▪️Clean Driving Record
▪️Criminal Record Check (required prior to start date)
▪️ CPR and First Aid Certificate (required prior to start date)

🌸 How to Apply:

▪️Email your resume or Click the link in our bio!

🌟Are you or someone you know an excellent fit for this position? Apply Today! 💛

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🌸 We wish all the amazing Dad's, Stepdads, foster Dads and all father figures out there a very Happy Father's Day! 💙🎉 Today is the day to celebrate and show the deep gratitude to the hard working Father's that inspire and play roles of mentors and friends in their children’s lives.

How are you celebrating the father figure in your life today? 🌸

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🌸Father’s Day is this Sunday and if you are looking for a cute and memorable gift to make with your little one’s, your search is over!

What You Need:

🔹Rock (needs to be flat enough to hold wire and photo and not too big)
🔹Acrylic paint
🔹Modge Podge to seal the paint (optional)
🔹Small photo(s) (the bigger the photo the bigger the rock needs to be)
Beads for decorating the wire (optional)

How To Make It:

🔹Wash and dry your rock

🔹Once rock is completely dry, you and your littles can paint/decorate it however you’d like

🔹Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to seal paint once paint is dry

🔹Wrap wire around the rock keeping the flattest part of the rock as the base
You can add beads to the wire if desired

🔹Using a thick pen or marker, wrap the tip of the wire around the marker to create a tight coil that will hold the photo

🔹Place photo in the coil and you’re done!

Your ‘My Dad Rocks’ photo holder is complete! Happy crafting!! 🎨🩵💛

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🌸💛 Happy Mother’s Day to all birth Mom’s, foster Mom’s, Stepmom’s and motherly figures! Thank you for all of your selfless care, endless work and unconditional love! 💛🌸 ...

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🌸Happy Friday!!🌸 Finally sunshine and cherry blossoms are out!! 🌸☀️We hope you all enjoy the sunshine this weekend and stop to take selfies by the Cherry blossoms 😉 ...

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🌸🐰 Easter Themed Cookies!!🐰🌸

We love this time of year! The options for baking fun treats and creating fun crafts is endless!! 🌸

A colourful and sweet way to start the Easter festivities is with your favourite sugar cookie recipe and your cookie decorating supplies! It is time to grab your mixing bowls and aprons!!

Whether they are for your littles class, your family, or to snack on for the day 😉, baking is a great way to get your little ones involved in the kitchen and to spend quality time while letting their creativity shine!

What you’ll need:

🍡Your favourite sugar cookie recipe and some cookie cutters (you can use a knife to cut out egg shapes if needed)

🍡Cookie decorating supplies – royal icing, sprinkles, food colouring

Have fun and enjoy!!! 🐰🌸🐰

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