Why your Baby or Toddler Wakes up Early and What to do About it.

Why your Baby or Toddler Wakes up Early and What to do About it.

Is your baby or toddler an early bird? Not only are chronic early morning wakings frustrating and exhausting for parents, but if your baby is regularly waking before 6:00 AM and getting fewer than 11 hours of overnight sleep, he is likely missing out on a valuable hour of deep, restorative sleep! …

🇨🇦Happy Canada Day!!🇨🇦 We hope you all have a fantastic long weekend! 🍁

We will be open on Saturday July 2nd between 12pm-3pm and Closed on Sunday July 3rd.

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🌟Part-Time Nanny Needed in Burnaby Heights!🌟

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▫️Rate: $25 - $30 per hour
▫️Children: 14mo old and 3.5yo
▫️PAID TIME OFF (Guaranteed hours/pay)

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🌸Father's Day is only 4 days away!!🌸

One of our favourite gifts to make with the little ones would easily be these rock photo holders. Such a fun way to get outside, get the little ones to pick a rock that they love and then go home and paint it any way they want for their Dad or gaurdian!

🌟What you will need:

🌱Rock or rocks big enough to carry the weight of the wire and a photo washing the rock and letting it dry first. This ensures that there will be no dirt under the paint and will have a smooth finish. A damp paper towel works in a pinch too and paint of your choosing.

✨We recommend painting the rock white first so the colours stand out

🌱Clear drying glue, mod podge, or nail polish to coat the rock after painting.
This helps to keep the colours from leaking if the rock comes into contact with liquid

🌱Metal wire to wrap around the base of the rock and to create a small spiral at the top to hold the photo. ✨Note: You can get this from any craft store

🌱Final step: Photo of your choosing

🎨Happy painting!!

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🌸Happy Monday!! We hope all the momma’s had a fun, relaxing and memorable Mother’s Day! 💛 ...

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🌸Happy Good Friday!!🌸

It is time to quite literally put all of our eggs in one basket! 🐰 Chocolate isn't just for the kids ;)! We hope you and your family have an egg-cellent Easter long weekend! 🌷🐰

Photo credit to @lolo_webb

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🌸🐰Fun Easter Treat Alert!!!🐰🌸

Since our Rice Krispie nests were such a hit last Easter, we wanted to share them with you again - but with a twist.

This recipe is just as fun and cute, but this time, the nests are made out of shortbread!

Using your favourite shortbread recipe and candy-shelled chocolate eggs, these yummy cookies are a perfect way to start off the Easter festivities.


🌷Roll shortbread dough into balls and then place them on a cookie sheet to bake. Do not press them down.
🌷Wait 2-3 minutes after they come out of the oven before pressing eggs on or the eggs will crack from the heat of the cookies.

Happy Baking!!! 🐰🌸

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🌷🌸Spring Has Arrived!!🌸🌷

🌷Spring is great for taking the little ones outside, showing them the change and growth from one season to the next. All the budding leaves and flowers are a great way to inspire new crafts and activities! #happyspring 🌸

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☘️Looking for a cute and fun Saint Patrick’s Day craft?

Crafting a rainbow art piece is colourful and fun! 🌈

✨Ingredients for the Rainbow:

- Fruit Loop cereal (like shown in picture)
- Finger paints
- Coloured pom poms
- Glue and coloured sugar
- Pipe cleaner

✨You can add a fun pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:

- Colouring a pot and coins on the page
- Cutting one out of black paper and using gold paint for coins
- Glue and coloured sugar

We wish you and your little ones happy crafting! ☘️🌈🎨

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